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The Monster is back

A new updated edition of the Monster That Ate Canberra has been released by Halstead Press, 39 years after author and illustrator Michael Salmon first let the Bunyip loose on the capital’s iconic buildings.

Wild Cattle & Real History

NT Prize Update: Awkward moment or second thoughts? IN WHAT SEEMED to be a last minute aboutface, the 2010 NT Chief Minister's History award went ahead in mid May. Judges disqualified five of the six entries. The remaining entry—An Awkward Truth—was given the prize.  Read on for more ...   MEDIA RELEASE 11 May 2010 Australia’s History Wars could be…

The Annotated Such is Life: The Prose Classic of Australian Literature.

One of Australia's best loved classics and is in constant demand by students and general readers. Joseph Furphy’s novel of the bush and the outback is a tour de force of genius and originality, published in 1903 and reprinted dozens of times. A book of wit, learning and unforgettable characters and bush philosophy. The Halstead Classics edition is the best…