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A Century in Lights

Illuminating Claude Neon’s history, from its role in revolutionising the 1920s Sydney cityscape to brightening Australian landmarks today.

The Road to Hell

Robert Likeman uncovers the stories of the hundreds of Australian doctors who kept WWII troops together between the attack on Pearl Harbour the fall of Gona.


  Before email and fax machines, businesses communicated via telex or cable. Business stationery carried a telex number or cable address. For Halstead Press, the cable address — later adopted as its staff journal name — was Fragment. We're keeping the name alive with these Fragments, where Halstead Press authors air the ideas behind their books. Fragments Tribute to Oswald…

Unboxing Community Radio with 2SER

  An Incomplete History of Community Radio: 2SER's 46 Boxes of Stuff   “You name a discipline, and you’ll find it represented in the log of names that have walked through 2SER’s doors.”Professor Monica AttardOAM, Walkley winning journalist &Co-Director of the Centre for Media Transition   (more…)