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Exploring the Human Essence

Tony Grey reflects on the various phases of his life, trying to separate out what is truly important from the hurly-burly of it all. 

Reminiscent of Montaigne’s essays, Tony Grey extensively draws on all aspects of life to analyse the many drives that impel human beings collectively, across culture and time. With 27 chapters covering a range of concepts like happiness, laughter, hope, exploration, science, authority, and others, The Human Condition is an excellent and thought provoking body of work, perfect for budding or established philosophers, or those interested in humankind, thought, art, and history. It also features accompanying poems by the author for some topics of interest.

Tony Grey draws from his own rich experience, as well as from art, politics, history, classical literature, antiquity, and religion to fuel his journey through the poignant states and experiences unique to humankind. Delving deeply into life’s many facets, The Human Condition is a comprehensive interpretation of what it is to be human.



Tony Grey AM graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA in Modern History (Hons) and a Juris Doctor. In his diverse career he has been a professional Shakespearian actor, a lawyer with a major Toronto firm, and the founder of the publicly listed mining company, Pancontinental. Tony is a former director of Opera Australia and the Conservatorium of Music and a former trustee of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. His articles have been published in the Australian Financial Review Magazine and The Australian, and he has published many books including East Wind, The Tortoise in Asia, and Seven Gateways.


Hardback, 230mm x 153mm

ISBN: 9781875684618
RRP $38.95