Art of Resistance
by Jennifer Shapcott, published by Black Mountain Books


Black Mountain Books

Not every book that needs to be available in a quality printed edition is suited to the business model of trade publishers. Black Mountain Books offers an alternative approach – a tailor made way to publish creative writing, theses, memoirs, family histories, specialist works, novels and other bright ideas.

Black Mountain Books is a Halstead Press imprint for authors in the Canberra region who are interested in co-publishing their books.

After publication, a Black Mountain Books representative will present the books to retail booksellers in the Canberra area, but the writers will usually own the stock.

Services available:

  • reading and correction
  • design
  • typesetting and production
  • cover design
  • printing and binding
  • marketing and distribution

Black Mountain Books can also provide extras such as keying text, editing, picture scanning, commissioned writing and promotional assistance.

Acceptance for publishing

Black Mountain has a quality standard but we do not require suitable books to have a particular sales potential or profitability expectation.

How it works

If you have a project for book publication, you can submit it to Black Mountain Books with indications of what sort of volume you envisage. If we believe it is suitable for inclusion on the Black Mountain Books list, we will quote a production charge covering all the basic operations up to delivery of printed books, and any extras you require.

Every book is considered individually and there is no standard format, word length or style of presentation.

After we agree on the specifications and charges, you will need to supply the final contents ready for production. These will be returned for your approval after reading and correction.

Black Mountain Books will typeset the text, lay the book out and present a cover design. When you have approved this, the book will be printed in the quantity you require and delivered in accordance with your instruction in Canberra, Melbourne or Sydney.

You can place a stock with Black Mountain Books and our representative will present your book to retail booksellers in the Canberra area. We will list the book in our catalogue and receive and fulfil trade orders from all states and territories.

The stock will belong to you and we will pass on our receipts after deducting distribution charges. You will be free to exploit other opportunities for selling copies as you please.

Application Form

All submissions should include an application form, which are available from the Halstead Press Canberra office and can be downloaded here.