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  Before email and fax machines, businesses communicated via telex or cable. Business stationery carried a telex number or cable address. For Halstead Press, the cable address — later adopted as its staff journal name — was Fragment. We're keeping the name alive with these Fragments, where Halstead Press authors air the ideas behind their books. Fragments Tribute to Oswald…

Shady Acres

  However modern we might feel, corruption is a pre-existing and ongoing fact of Sydney life. Certainly this is the implication of Lesley Muir’s marvellous book. – Elizabeth Farrelly (more…)

Town & Country

A History of the Manning Valley This area lies about 300km north of Sydney, where the earliest European settlers first arrived in the late 1820s. The Manning River runs through this rugged, isolated terrain, and this was to become the region's main highway throughout the 19th Century. It is a valley with a rich history, a hidden gem with a…

A Risky Life

LIFE’S A RISK. BUT HOW TO CALCULATE IT? What are the risks we incur in life?  How much is attributed to lifestyle? How much is pure chance?  Is there anything we can do to minimise risk? Risk analyst Robert Phillips may have the answers. (more…)

Centennial Park: A History

Centennial Park is a priceless haven in our city, a carefully tended patch of 'wilderness'. As we enjoy its many pleasures, we should appreciated how hard-won they are. And we should never take them for granted. —Susan Wyndham, Literary Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald. (more…)