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The Road to Hell

Robert Likeman uncovers the stories of the hundreds of Australian doctors who kept WWII troops together between the attack on Pearl Harbour the fall of Gona.

Port Moresby harbour, 1942.

“The latest volume of this monumental and magnificent project by Robert Likeman . . . Robert has with painstaking care and vast diligence and affection assembled and organised biographical notes on those people in uniform many of us regard as ‘secular saints’ for the way they ministered to their colleagues.”

Gen. Sir Peter Cosgrove, Governor General 2014-19.

Volume five of the “Australian Doctors at War” series, The Road to Hell is a meticulous account of the Doctors that served in the war from December 1941 to January 1943. Beautifully formatted and easy to follow, this historically significant book details each and every medic who served Australia during the bouts of fighting in New Guinea and the Kokoda Track. The Road to Hell is a fantastic resource historians interested in the subjects and times expanded upon in the book, and a tremendous read for anyone interested in the individuals who made wartime survival possible.



Robert Likeman is a graduate of Oxford University, where he studied Classics, Oriental Languages and Medicine. He is a specialist is Obstetrics and Gynaecology, in Tropical Medicine, and in Rural and Remote Medicine. He served in the Australian Army as a Reservist and as a Regular Officer for 24 years, and his final posting was as Director of Army Health in Canberra. He was awarded the CSM in 2001 is the author of five books of military history, and has co-authored a text book of medicine for doctors working in the Third World. A full collection of his works can be found on his website, ­


Hardback, Illustrated in b/w.

RRP: $70
ISBN: 9781925043778