Ann-Mari Jordens’ Hope

Cover from "Partimento" by Christina Cordero

Sceptics, supporters, students and the plain curious will find something in Hope.

First recorded for the National Library, author and historian Ann-Mari Jordens brings to the page the voices of people escaping persecution and conflict in world troublespots since WWII.

A rare chance to hear in their own words why and how people left families and homes and what they found resettling in Australia.

It’s also the story of ordinary Australians—individuals, community groups and government workers—who gave welcome and support. Through the accounts, Jordens also tracks shifts in government policy from Chifley to Fraser to present times.

Vivid accounts, simple language, maps, photographs and an index give the context usually lacking in coverage of this issue.

A foreword by outspoken Jesuit priest, Fr Frank Brennan, and preface by the UNHCR’s Director for Australia and the Pacific, Richard Towle, help clarify what too often polarises Australia.

Cover from Partimento by Christina Cordero, courtesy of Beaver Galleries