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Book Opens Gateway to China

By May 19th, 2022No Comments

Confucius Says No, by Leonard Yong, RRP $29.95


“Leonard’s book is a valuable key to understanding our regional neighbours.” – The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG (Former High Court Judge of Australia)

Leonard Yong’s latest book was recently launched to acclaim at the Union Club in Sydney by The Hon Michael Kirby. Among a large gathering, Mr Kirby spoke at length of strengthening ties between Australia and China, and heartily recommended Confucius Says No for those interested in nurturing this burgeoning relationship with our great neighbours. He also gave determined words on recognising the tumultuous history of the Chinese in Australia, and supported efforts to obtain an apology on behalf of those Chinese who had suffered under the White Australia policy.

“This book offers an insightful and pragmatic view of Confucianism as a driver of China’s economic success.” – The Hon Bob Carr, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs

Leonard Yong’s latest book Confucius Says No argues persuasively that the key to understanding the Chinese, and doing business successfully in China, is to understand Confucianism and to recognise the resurgent hold of Confucian thought on the Chinese mind. Now the world’s largest manufacturer, China will inevitably become the world’s largest economy. How Australia engages with its greatest trading partner will determine the economic future for decades to come.

The author provides an expert’s insight to conducting business in Asia. He invites modern readers to turn to the immortal wisdom of Confucius—not just for vision into the future of China and the World, but to guard against delinquent governance and poor policy, in the wake of global financial crises.

Leonard Yong is one of the most respected authorities on corporate governance, and former Chief Internal Auditor at the Australian Industry Development Corporation (AIDC).

“It is essential reading if you care about Australia’s future.” – Malcolm Kerr OAM

Confucius Says No is now available in all good bookstores, and can also be ordered from Halstead Press by email at, or by phone on (02) 9211 3033.

Confucius Says No, by Leonard Yong, RRP $29.95