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Paved with Good Intentions

SHORTLISTED FOR THE ERNEST SCOTT HISTORY PRIZE Over a century before the Mabo case recognised Native Title and rejected the doctrine of Terra Nullius, Aboriginal land rights were briefly acknowledged in two Australian colonies. Paved with Good Intentions, reveals the many strong declarations in favour of Aboriginal land rights in early Colonial times, and shows how this language was twisted…

200 Year Commemoration of the Royal Botanic Garden

In 200 years the Botanic Garden that began as a plain garden staffed by a gang of convicts commanded by a soldier with “some gardening experience” has become one of the best and most famous in the world, housing an impressive open air, living collection. This book shows how this incredible transformation came about, detailing the historical foundations and dedicated…

Town & Country

A History of the Manning Valley This area lies about 300km north of Sydney, where the earliest European settlers first arrived in the late 1820s. The Manning River runs through this rugged, isolated terrain, and this was to become the region's main highway throughout the 19th Century. It is a valley with a rich history, a hidden gem with a…

A Risky Life

LIFE’S A RISK. BUT HOW TO CALCULATE IT? What are the risks we incur in life?  How much is attributed to lifestyle? How much is pure chance?  Is there anything we can do to minimise risk? Risk analyst Robert Phillips may have the answers. (more…)

Centennial Park: A History

Centennial Park is a priceless haven in our city, a carefully tended patch of 'wilderness'. As we enjoy its many pleasures, we should appreciated how hard-won they are. And we should never take them for granted. —Susan Wyndham, Literary Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald. (more…)

Ships and the Sea: The Art and Life of Oswald Brett

Adventure on the High Seas Oswald Brett’s remarkable life and work now in print "This is a story you’ll find vibrant with the tang of salt air and the call of new horizons as seen by an artist who’s really been there.” – Peter Stanford, Professor Emeritus, National Maritime Historical Society, New York World-renowned maritime artist Oswald Brett has spent…

Fire in the Afternoon

John Stokes is a poet of light and water and the sound of women’s cries. He has a thing for the Australian landscape. —Kate Llewellyn (more…)

Where Is My Left Eyebrow?

Liz Dawson was told cancer would take her life, then temporal arteritis stole her eyesight with lighting speed, leaving her blind overnight. But this remarkable woman wasn’t finished yet. Even with the slightest of vision – just four percent in one eye - Liz  continued to work tirelessly on community projects that would make a difference to many lives.When faced…

Somersaults in the Sand

Mapping Australia’s riches Even today, spending weeks in Australia’s outback is not for the faint-hearted, even if you were in search of the riches that lie beneath Australia’s soil. Somersaults in the Sand tells the story of that time. Canberra author and geologist Alastair Stewart was among a group of intrepid explorers tasked with mapping the complex picture of Australia’s…