Billy-Be-Safe: A Big Adventure for Little Readers

In their first book, ambulance heroes Billy Be Safe and Becky Be Careful team up with mischievous Artie the emu and other bush characters. 
An outdoor swimming adventure should be heaps of fun on a very hot day. But with so many dangers along the way, will someone get hurt? Or will Billy save the day?

“A book that will delight, engage and start helpful conversations. But best of all, as we read this story together, I believe Billy Be Safe’s Very Hot Day is a book that will save lives.”
Colin Buchanan
Children’s author, Play School and Playhouse Disney presenter

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Long Bay, A Prison History by Patrick Kennedy


Russell Cox held me hostage at Long Bay before he and I were both shot in 1975. I have waited a long time to read the correct version of events of what happened on that harrowing day …

At last the truth about ‘The Bay’ and its many criminals and characters is on our shelves.

—Former Long Bay Prison Officer, Paul Cafe


“Heathcote author Pat Kennedy writes ‘first comprehensive history’ of Long Bay Jail”, The Leader

Royal Australian Historical Society grant

Patrick Kennedy’s website

Almost a French Australia: new paperback edition


The saga of France’s role in the exploration of and development of the Australian continent remained a well-kept secret for almost two centuries


To coincide with the national maritime exhibition:

The Art of Science, Baudin’s Voyagers 1800–04, currently on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, comes the new paperback edition of Professor Noelene Bloomfield’s popular book, Almost a French Australia: French-British Rivalry in the Southern Ocean.

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La Trobe – Best History Publication Award

Halstead Press is excited to announce that La Trobe: Traveller, Writer Governor, by John Barnes, has won best History Publication in the Victorian Community History Awards.

John Barnes uncovers the man behind the public name, as not only an important colonial figure but an author and artist. Tracing his globetrotting early years and struggles as Governor in Victoria during the gold rush to his eventual blindness in old age, this comprehensive biography is filled with interesting colonial illustrations and his personal correspondence.

La Trobe: Traveller, Writer, Governor