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Billy-Be-Safe: A Big Adventure for Little Readers

By May 21st, 2022No Comments

“A book that will delight, engage and start helpful conversations. But best of all, as we read this story together, I believe Billy Be Safe’s Very Hot Day is a book that will save lives.”
Colin Buchanan
Children’s author, Play School and Playhouse Disney presenter

This little rhyming adventure is a fun positive way to alert very young readers to everyday dangers that injure and kill too many Australian children. The story follows friends like Jumping June the Kangaroo, Blue Tongue Beau and Artie Emu from June’s house through the bush to a swimming spot. As our reckless characters navigate hazards that threaten them with spinal injury, snakebite and being squished, will Billy’s simple precautions get them through unharmed?

Information at the back of the book reveals that real life can be tragically less successful—for example, that 10 children die each year from preventable car accidents in driveways. A good book for adults to read to toddlers and infants, and an ideal reader for 5 to 7 year olds. For advanced readers and adults there’s safety information.

More information can be found on Billy's website

Pat Kennedy was a registered nurse before joining the Ambulance Service of NSW and becoming one of Australia’s first intensive care paramedics. In 1984 he established the Ambulance Service’s Public Relations group. His five books so far include A Doctor in Africa and Long Bay, and there are more adventures with Billy in the pipeline.

Alice Hughes is an experienced illustrator, young mum and graphic designer, who’s looking forward to working on more books in the Billy Be Safe series.


Paperback, 255mm x 185mm

ISBN: 9781925043679
RRP $14.95

The author’s royalties go to The Georgina Josephine Foundation and to international children’s charity Compassion.

Each year 10 children are killed and more than 60 injured after being hit by vehicles on driveways and in yards. The Georgina Josephine Foundation helps families who have been affected, and educates drivers to reduce these accidents.