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100 Canberra Houses

By May 19th, 2022No Comments

A Century of Canberra at Home

Every government has a home, and every home  has a heart. Australia’s is to be found in Canberra, one of the few purpose-built national capitals in the world.

In celebration of Canberra’s Centenary, 100 Canberra Houses tells the story of the capital through its houses, built on the Limestone Plains over the past 100 years.

Authors Tim Reeves and Alan Roberts have carefully sifted through more than 160,000 dwellings built since construction began in 1913. They have chosen 100 houses reflective of the city’s 100 years of style, each chosen for interest-value, variety, quality and significance. The book features houses within the boundaries of the ACT and those beyond the borders but still in its orbit.

Each period is reflected, from the original 1913 Robertson House to the iconic Benjamin (‘Round’) House; the first medium-density housing stock, the first ‘solar’ house and the latest EcoSolar house. It also features the first house rebuilt after the devastating 2003 bushfires. The purpose of the capital city is shown through buildings such as Government House, The Lodge, even the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

Through the story of its houses, the book tells of its history and its people. It is bound to bring back memories for many Canberra families. It’s a bit like coming home.

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