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Eminent Christians in their Own Words

By May 19th, 2022No Comments

A second glance at Graham Downie’s Servants and Leaders, with George Pell back in the country to face the music

In my first interview with him, on 10 May 2001, George Pell seemed to make every effort to sound gentle and caring, but the constraints of his understanding of his Church’s teaching made that task almost impossible

—Graham Downie

Servants and Leaders provides a fascinating and candid look at the people behind the public image, who reveal their thoughts on the historic triumphs and scandals that they have been involved with and which have played a key role in Australia’s changing religious landscape. Downie’s reflections and observations provide thought provoking profiles of prominent spiritual leaders against the backdrop of local and global religious concerns—the unfolding intersection of Australia and the intensified global media scrutiny of Churches.


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Radio National, Religion and Ethics Report