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Discovering Charles Meere – Joy Eadie

By May 21st, 2022No Comments
Australian Art, Discovering Charles Meere cover


She [Joy Eadie] has forced us to re-examine in some detail a largely forgotten figure in Australian art. For this we must be grateful.

—Sasha Grishin

Painting Charles Meere
“Australian Beach Pattern” is an iconic painting, synonymous with our way of life. Charles Meere is just the little known artist who painted it. This book reveals a fresh perspective on a fascinating and remarkable artist whose reputation deserves complete re-evaluation. Accused of fascism, totalitarianism and eugenics, Meere has been dismissed by critics as unimaginative and dull. This beautifully illustrated book establishes Meere as a remarkably original, satirical and profound painter, showcasing “Australian Beach Pattern”, other Meere paintings and his poster art.


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