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Almost a French Australia: new paperback edition

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The saga of France’s role in the exploration of and development of the Australian continent remained a well-kept secret for almost two centuries


To coincide with the national maritime exhibition:

The Art of Science, Baudin’s Voyagers 1800–04, currently on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, comes the new paperback edition of Professor Noelene Bloomfield’s popular book, Almost a French Australia: French-British Rivalry in the Southern Ocean.

Most Australians are unaware just how close Australia came to being split between France and England. During the early exploration of Terra Australis, many dashing French adventurers like Bougainville, Baudin, d’Entrecasteaux and La Pérouse carved their names into the coastline.

What became of the French claim?

The Baudin Exhibition will be in Sydney until the end of November 2017, then:

  • Canberra, National Museum of Australia: 15 March 2018 – 11 June 2018
  • Perth, Western Australian Museum: 12 September 2018 – 12 February 2019

About the Author

Noelene Bloomfield lives in Perth and is a highly respected scholar specialising in French maritime history. She lectured in the US and Australia, including several decades at the University of Western Australia.

Paperback ; 190pp; RRP $38.95

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