Jack the Super Prawn

See Jack’s website: www.JackTheSuperPrawn.com

—Perfect for Primary Teachers

Story books and resources to lighten your workload and deliver a message of hope to your students.

24 page colour books, and whole-class STEAM activity resources are coming out in 2021.

Downloadable materials are already available to introduce Jack the Super Prawn.


$25 SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER for primary school and kindergarten teachers, for the two PDF files, “Drastic Plastic” and “Jack the Super Prawn learning materials”, supplied together.

$80 is the standard price for other purchasers.

Plastic waste never breaks down. It suffocates marine life, and fragments build up in the food chain forever. Now a new hero joins the struggle to save the oceans. 

Jack uses his super powers to clean up rubbish and pollutants. But his main job is introducing new generations to the ocean environment, and the need to care for it. To readers 5 and older, Jack delivers a four part message:

  • Reduce 
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Find alternatives to plastic.

Jack has important allies. ANSTO—one of Australia’s leading scientific authorities and science educators—endorses his books and resources and provides the scientific guidance.

Aligned with state syllabuses in Science and Technology, English, Art and Maths, they enable young environmental researchers to learn about the environment and care for the ocean, while completing their school curriculum.

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