4 Weeks to Wellness


This is not a quick fix program. There are no expensive gym memberships or equipment. You don’t need to find your “inner self” or walk on burning coals.

– Dr Bryce Fleming (B.Chiro.SC M.Chiro)

Author Bryce Fleming was one of only a handful of obese kids at school. A statistical outlier, he resolved to reinvent himself, and began a path to healthiness that was paved with good intentions. But the established rules of the “healthcare” industry proved counterproductive and harmful. Knowing what he knows now, he can see that his young self was hampered by widespread ignorance and misinformation about essential nutrition and health practices.

Now, armed with qualifications and experience in integrating a healthy diet with healthy activity, and fitter than he’s ever been, Bryce wants to inspire everyone to shake off unhealthy habits, enjoy life and feel better.

Four Weeks to Wellness is filled with practical advice for exercise and diet that everyone can use. This common sense guide to the paleo lifestyle is available in all reputable bookstores from November 2016. RRP $34.95. Paperback.