The Invisible Thread

Although Melbourne’s the official city of literature, in fact Canberra punches above its weight in terms of the number of writers we’ve had here, and the literary landscape here, which is incredibly rich and diverse.


The Invisible Thread — One Hundred Years of Words
Edited by Irma Gold

Containing works from more than 70 eminent Australian writers, this sterling anthology of Canberra and its surrounds has recently launched to great acclaim. Editor Irma Gold has found unexpected connections in the threads spun by these strikingly different writers, illuminating and provoking in equal measure. Featuring a sparkling array of Australian talent: Miles Franklin, AD Hope, Judith Wright, Manning Clark, Don Watson, Les Murray, CEW Bean, Kate Grenville, Omar Musa, and many more stellar writers…


representative of the best that Canberra writers can do when interacting with this special city over its one hundred years. — FRANK MOORHOUSE

Book review: The Write Impression, Sydney Morning Herald

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