Almost a French Australia: new paperback edition


The saga of France’s role in the exploration of and development of the Australian continent remained a well-kept secret for almost two centuries


To coincide with the national maritime exhibition:

The Art of Science, Baudin’s Voyagers 1800–04, currently on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, comes the new paperback edition of Professor Noelene Bloomfield’s popular book, Almost a French Australia: French-British Rivalry in the Southern Ocean.

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La Trobe – Best History Publication Award

Halstead Press is excited to announce that La Trobe: Traveller, Writer Governor, by John Barnes, has won best History Publication in the Victorian Community History Awards.

John Barnes uncovers the man behind the public name, as not only an important colonial figure but an author and artist. Tracing his globetrotting early years and struggles as Governor in Victoria during the gold rush to his eventual blindness in old age, this comprehensive biography is filled with interesting colonial illustrations and his personal correspondence.

La Trobe: Traveller, Writer, Governor



Oswald Brett: Tribute to a World Renowned Marine Artist

Os aboard Endeavour

by Stan Stefaniak FASMA, President, The Australian Society of Marine Artists

Oswald (Os) Longfield Brett, 1921–2017

Born 3 April 1921 in Cheltenham, New South Wales, Oswald Longfield Brett spent much time sketching ships in Sydney Harbour and imagining the day when he could go to sea. He also drew inspiration for painting from his mother Estelle Brett (née Mutton), a talented amateur portrait and landscape artist. Both Estelle and Oswald’s sister Judith encouraged him with his painting even later in his life. Os, as he was affectionately called by his friends, knew at an early age that he would be a professional artist concentrating entirely on ships and the sea.

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Word Up

Word Up: a Lexicon and Guide to Communication in the 21st Century
by Mark McCrindle with Emily Wolfinger

Word Up, Halstead Press

“Mark McCrindle deserves a medal. Mapless, he’s entered the alien terrains of text-speak, web slang, Gen-Z dialect, among other domains, and returned with a guidebook should we ever lose our way.” — David Astle, columnist, cross-word compiler and co-host of SBS TV’s Letters and Numbers.

Word Up is a revealing, entertaining and sometimes confronting snapshot of Australia today—across the generations.  Word Up explains how we use and mangle our language in the classroom, the media, in politics or the pub. Let social researcher Mark McCrindle help you understand what the other gens are on about.

The Annotated Such is Life: The Prose Classic of Australian Literature.

One of Australia’s best loved classics and is in constant demand by students and general readers.

Joseph Furphy’s novel of the bush and the outback is a tour de force of genius and originality, published in 1903 and reprinted dozens of times. A book of wit, learning and unforgettable characters and bush philosophy.

The Halstead Classics edition is the best ever published, with the fullest annotation. Learn more about the fascinating world of Joseph Furphy at ABC Radio’s Hindsight program.

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