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The books below are a sample from Halstead’s extensive list. Halstead Press also publishes in partnership with the University of Wollongong Press.

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meere cover

Australian Beach Pattern is an iconic Australian artwork, synonymous with our way of life. Charles Meere is just the fellow who painted it. In this book, Joy Eadie reveals a fresh perspective on the artist, a fascinating and remarkable Australian whose reputation deserves a re-evaluation. Accused of fascism, totalitarianism and eugenics, Meere has been dismissed by critics as unimaginative and dull. Eadie is on a mission to prove them wrong.




Aitape tsunami front cover

A comprehensive and gripping account of the disaster that devastated New Guinea in 1998, destroying towns and villages, and taking a shocking death toll. Professor Hugh Davies was there, and in this book he explains in harrowing detail the events of the earthquake and tsunami, and the recovery effort that followed. It also describes the history and geology of the area for layperson and scientist alike. Many lessons learned in the aftermath helped inform the response to earthquakes and tsunamis that followed, such as the Boxing Day tsunami and the Fukushima tsunami.




This book is your blueprint for a phenomenal life. If you correctly fuel your body, move and behave as your DNA dictates, you will live a healthy and fruitful life. You will avoid diseases, heal faster, be more physically and mentally fit, and square off the life curve.







Sir Henry Parkes, the ‘Father of Federation’ and Sir John Robertson are the not so squeaky clean anti-heroes of this tale, which exposes the sordid side of 19th century NSW politics. Corruption, development scandals and the State Government—a few name changes and it could almost be a current affair.





invasion People of colonial Sydney were full of anxiety about invaders from France, America, Russia, Germany or Japan. This new book explains how they set up ambitious fortifications, guns and other defences to protect their Harbour, agonised over what measures would be effective.






servants A candid look at the people behind the public image, who reveal their thoughts on the historic triumphs and scandals that they have been involved with and which have played a key role in Australia’s changing religious landscape.







greek cafes Nostalgic trip to the days when the Greek Café was the gathering place for every town and suburb.








Botanic Gardens COVER The verdant and flourishing Botanic Garden is an iconic part of Sydney Harbour, although it began as a plain garden staffed by a gang of convicts, under the command of a soldier with “some gardening experience”. In 200 years it has become a leading botanic garden on the global stage, housing an impressive open air, living collection.





ten apostles With the wine industry in tatters, a few winemakers set the example for all. Here Australia’s ten best reveal timeless principles they stuck to and the importance of terroir rather than ego, and wine as a product of culture not industry.







island in time From grandeur to ghost town, the fifty year period in which Castellorizo went from prosperous Ottoman port to destitution is a harrowing history. Pappas and Bogiatzis take us on a journey into the past, through original photographs of the people and everyday life of Castellorizans including weddings, funerals and social events.





Treasures of Canberra An absorbing highlight reel of the many breathtaking works of art, artefacts and archives from all over the world that inhabit Canberra, the capital city of Australia.







100 Canberra Houses front cover An exploration of the first 100 years of housing in Canberra, revealing the social history, and the innovation and foresight of owners and designers.








The definitive Canberra anthology featuring selected works from much-loved Australian writers.